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Intro to

Botanical Morphology

     Botanical morphology is the gateway to deeper understanding of plants. Plants communicate to us through their forms and shapes. Learning this language allows us to confidently interact with wild plants and fearlessly integrate them into our daily lives, as our ancestors once did. This in-depth look at the science of plant observation and identification will provide the tools to satisfy your primal desire to interact with wild plants.

     In this introductory class, you will gain a foundation of knowledge that will allow you to analyze plant morphological patterns, anatomy, terminology, and many other tools to help you get out in the field, effectively use botanical field guides, and start positively identifying plants.

We will cover:

  • Botanical observation techniques

  • Basic taxonomy and latin binomials

  • Leaf anatomy arrangement, attachment, shapes, venation, and margins

  • Flower anatomy, symmetry, and ovary position

  • Trichomes, Thorns, & Prickles

  • Fruit classification

  • Taking the fear out of plant ID

  • Toxic plants & how to avoid them

  • Characteristics of 8 plant families

Upcoming Class:

Tuesday, September 22nd

5:00-9:00 PM

Location: Online Webinar


Registration is closed. If you register after 12:00 PM EST you will be sent a recording of the webinar.

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Please click both the links below to register! If you submit payment without registering, we will not have an email address to send you the zoom link to attend.

Payment & Refund Policy

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