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Plant Relationships

& Observation

     Join us to discover the power of plant relationships. We will explore concepts of ethnobotanical heritage, kincentric ecology, place-based herbal practice, and botanical observation. Learn to work with the plants from a place of respect and reciprocity. Meet the multifaceted Birch People, hear the stories of the Skunk Cabbage People, and learn the message of the Poison Ivy and Mullein people. This class is for everyone: herbalists, foragers, farmers, and humanfolk alike.  

Upcoming Class:

Tuesday, June 22nd

5:00-8:00 PM

Online Webinar

A suggested donation of $40 reflects current market value but we invite you to return this gift in a way that reflects your gratitude; an amount within your means that leaves with you a feeling of balance and appropriate reciprocity. 100% of payments received that exceed the suggested rate go to our People’s Folk Medicine Project fund and counts as a tax-deductible donation (receipts available upon request). Payments may be made in person or online via venmo or paypal is not required to register.

Please note: If you submit payment without registering above, we will not have an email address to send you the zoom link to attend.

Payment & Refund Policy

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