Coyote Youth Mentorship Program

     The Coyote Youth Mentorship Program is a naturalist and nature awareness program for home schooled children ages 5-12 in Boiling Springs, PA. 

What is Coyote Mentoring?

"Coyote teaches us to straddle the edge between "two worlds"- the ancient, primitive world of wilderness and instinct, and the modern, civilized world of science and technology." - Jon Young


     Coyote Mentoring is based on Jon Young and his teacher Tom Brown Jr’s philosophy on how to increase awareness, empathy, and connection to nature. There are several “Core Routines” or learning habits including Sit Spot, Story of the Day, Expanding the Senses, Questioning and Tracking, Animal Forms, Wandering, Mapping, Exploring Field Guides, Journaling, Mind’s Eye Imagining, Listening for Bird Language, and Thanksgiving.


     It is roughly 50% structured with 50% unstructured time; immersive learning with an emphasis on wonder and investigation, with the core routines being integrated mostly into the background of our time together so the child is free to be fully present.

     We will focus on building skills such as empathy, intrinsic movement, risk assessment, resilience, patience, confidence, nature literacy, and more through play-based learning centered around topics such as Botany and Plant Identification, Ecology, Tracking & Wildlife Sign, Knots, Navigation, Moving in Nature, Primitive Survival Skills, and Crafting. 

     The program takes place outdoors in all weather, with the exception of dangerous weather events. 

    Maximum class size is 9 children. COVID-19 policy.

Enrollment is now open!

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"By using Coyote as our guide, we learn both the scientific map and our landscape terrain. When we embrace fact with imagination, and combine logical evidence with intuition, we develop intellectual understanding through first-hand experience."

"Once there is a personal bond with some bit of the natural world, then (or simultaneously) we can introduce scientific names and tidbits of knowledge or skills because there will be a scaffold for the information to hang on. With even a shred of meaningful relationship present, the excited explorer becomes an inquisitive "vacuum," sucking in all the information he or she can find."

- Jon Young

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Youth Program

Ages 8 - 12

September 21st - May 19th

Mondays & Wednesdays 9:00-12:30

                                   OR 1-4:30*


  • Full School Year: $2030

  • Monthly: $290 per month

  • 10% off sibling discount

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Children's Program

Ages 5 - 7

September 22nd - May 18th

Tuesdays 9:00-12:30 (two day option may become available with enough interest)


  • Full School Year: $1,050

  • Monthly: $150 per month

  • 10% off sibling discount

Led by Jaybird Tignor, naturalist, tracker, craftsman, and wilderness first responder.

Calyx Liddick is an herbalist, botanist, and wildcrafter. She was homeschooled from Kindergarten through graduation and is now homeschooling her own children.

Located in South Central Pennsylvania