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Flower Essences

1/2 oz Dosage essences* $7    -     1/2 oz Stock essences $21 
*Custom blends available with up to 3 essences for no extra charge (the original 38 Bach essences are also available for dosage essences)

Apium graveolens, Celery


Restores balance a body that is physically overburdened. Opens the door for healing when one feels like they've embodied their disease, allowing for them to separate their own entity from the identity of the disease.


"I am not my disease."

Coriandrum sativum, Cilantro

Allowing the things to happen in their right time, without rushing or putting things off.

"Things will bloom when they're ready."

Cucurbita sativus, Cucumber


For depression and withdrawal from the life-process, especially when feeling a sense of separation or disinterest in the physical realm. Helps one commit to life. For gaining the confidence to move forward on ones life path when feeling defeated.

"I am committed to living this life."

Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea


For bringing fragmented pieces of oneself back into unity. Regaining the sense of self after severe trauma.


"I am whole."

Hosta spp.


Releasing fears so that happiness can find its way in. Being present in the moment, instead of caught up in uncertainty.

"I am joyful."

Lactuca sativa, Red Lettuce


For having the confidence and poise to stand in your power. Inner strength and fortitude amidst challenging situations or people.

"I am dauntless."

Matricara recutita, German Chamomile


For welcoming serenity in your life. Calming and uplifting the spirit. Releasing worries and frustration, especially in those who are particular sensitive or easily upset.

"I am serene."

Origanum vulagre, Oregano

For letting go. For when we feel weighed down by that which we cling to. Releasing old ideas to make space for new perspective & growth.

"I empty my cup so it may be filled."

Phlox paniculata, Garden Phlox


For softening aggression stemming from defensiveness. Opening to what others have to offer. Releasing self-identified patterns of shame.

"I am open to connecting with others."

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