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Foundations of Vitalist Herbalism

Online Course

     This 10 hour intensive is designed for beginner and intermediate herbalists who are looking for a grounded, holistic foundation for practicing herbal medicine. We will discuss the history and fundamental framework of Nature Philosophy and alchemical principles of the Western Herbalism lineage. We will trace the lineage of western herbalism all the way back to its origins and discuss crucial pieces of knowledge that are absent from much of modern herbalist practice. Discover lost ways of learning and how to obtain wisdom directly from the plants... You'll get in depth instruction on how to develop meaningful relationships with plants and expand your materia medica, as well as better understand how the human ecology interfaces with world in which we live.

Topics Covered

  • The History of Western Herbalism

  • Fundamentals of Vitalism

  • Materia Medica I - Meeting Plant Allies

  • Materia Medica II - Herbal Energetics & Tissue States​

  • Materia Medica III - Organ Systems

  • Formulation & Case Studies (Live class w/ Q&A)

     You will receive access to recordings of 8 hours of class material and notes, and you'll be invited to participate in an interactive live class where we'll discuss case studies, formulation, applications, and there will be opportunity for Q&A. Upon completion of the class, you will be invited to subsequent live sessions.

Current session

  • Our theoretical case studies for this session will focus on Covid-19 and other respiratory applications. 

  • Current session live class date: TBA

Next session

  • Our theoretical case studies for this session will focus on depression & anxiety. 

  • Next session live class date: TBA


Sliding scale: $175-225 (includes live class)

Live session only: $20-35 (available to those who have previously taken the complete course) 

Payment & refund policies


​     Registration open soon! 

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