Life Through the Year

     An 8-12 hour lecture series in four segments comprising spring, summer, fall, and winter. This lecture series traces the cycle of growth from roots, shoots, through to canopy as a metaphor for the human relationship to the land.


     The spring lecture's theme is “Roots,” and in it we take a look at all the growth and changes which occur coming out of winter time. Spring is a time for blooming wildflowers, nutritious little roots, and the expansion of bodily energy and engagement. We will meet many of the spring ephemeral plants, and get an overview of how springtime plants may be prepared as food or medicine.

Garden and Land

     The summer lecture's theme is “Garden and Land,” and focuses on subsistence horticulture practices and the ever-unfolding patchwork of the greater landscape – the “shoots,” building off next from the roots. We will observe the changes marking the transitions from spring into summer, and meet some of the summertime wild foods.


     The autumn lecture's theme is “Trees,” and features discussion of the many fruit and nut trees native to our bioregion, with a discussion of their identification, harvest, processing for food, and storage.


     Winter is the perfect time for reflection and storytelling, and our last lecture has the theme of “Story.” Here we aim to tie together what we've learned into a bigger picture, and share what we've learned and experienced individually throughout the year. Topics to be covered include cultural landscapes, prescribed fire, and a discussion of the history and future of our region.


Instructor: Zach Elfers

Date & Time: TBD

Location: TBD