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Lyme Disease:

Naturopathic Solutions

     In this webinar, Traditional Naturopath and Clinical Herbalist Calyx Liddick will discuss holistic therapeutics for Lyme disease, as well as the ecological lessons the disease teaches us. Appropriate for non-practitioners trying to gain a better understanding of how to cope and find help, to practitioners looking for a greater diversity of tools for working with Borreliosis that go beyond battling spirochetes.

We will cover:

  • Lyme as an epidemic

  • Spirochetes & basic pathophysiology

  • Disease progression

  • Prevention

  • Therapeutic approaches that goes beyond battling spirochete

  • Therapeutics for chronic lyme ("post lyme syndrome")

  • The "war mentality" of modern medicine and its limitations

  • The concept of terrain, or body ecology

  • Herbal energetics and constitution

  • What true healing looks like/Lyme disease as a conduit for transformation

Upcoming Class:

Tuesday, October 27th

6:00-9:00 PM

Location: Online Webinar



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Please click both the links below to register! If you submit payment without registering, we will not have an email address to send you the zoom link to attend.

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