Foundations of Vitalist Herbalism


A six month course for the aspiring herbalist

     This 300 hour introductory course is designed for beginner and intermediate herbalists who are looking for a grounded, holistic foundation for practicing herbal medicine. We will discuss the history and fundamental framework of Nature Philosophy and principles of the Western Herbalism lineage. We will trace the lineage of western herbalism all the way back to its origins and discuss crucial pieces of knowledge that are absent from much of modern herbalist practice. Discover lost ways of learning and how to obtain wisdom directly from the plants as well as the empirical science and research behind modern herbal knowledge. You'll get in depth instruction on how to develop meaningful relationships with plants and expand your materia medica, and how to safely and effectively work with plants in your home and in your community.

Live Webinar Topics (36 hrs of lecture + 12 hrs of Q&A and Discussion): 

  • Making Friends with Plants

  • Empirical Plant Communication: Activating the Senses with Organoleptics

  • Vitalism

  • Herbal Actions, Energetics, & Tissue States 

  • Formulation

  • Herbal Safety

  • Research Techniques

  • Phytoconstituents

  • Plant Spirit Medicine

  • Ethnobotany & Decolonization

  • Fatigue & Adaptogens

  • Detoxification & Alteratives

  • Acutes & Herbal First Aid

  • Apothecary Management & Herbal Processing

  • Bioregional Herbalism

  • Wild Edibles & Herbs as Nutrition

  • Kitchen Herbalism

  • Flower Essences


  • History of Western Herbalism

  • Botany & Plant ID

  • Ethical Wildcrafting & Harvesting Techniques

  • Nature Cure & Returning to the Land

Guided Self Study Program* on Herbal Pathophysiology & Materia Medica to include Eleven Body Systems:

  • Skin

  • Digestive

  • Nervous

  • Respiratory

  • Urinary

  • Reproductive (Male & Female)

  • Immune

  • Lymphatic

  • Hepatic

  • Circulatory

  • Musculoskeletal

*This is not a passive self study program! It is assignment heavy and fast paced. 

What sets us apart:

     Northern Appalachia School is committed to providing education that is based on ecological and community reciprocity. We take a personal interest in each one of our students and their learning outcomes. 
     Foundations of Vitalist Herbalism offers a unique blend of live webinars and Q&A, home study materials, and regular assignments with instructor feedback and group discussion. This guided mentorship-style approach to distance learning provides an immersive experience and high quality content without the high price tag. This program is ideal for an individual who is self-motivated but wants structured guidance and accessible feedback from the instructor.  
     The program is designed to help students deepen their knowledge of plants and healing, learn fundamental skills for entering the professional herbal community. We will expand beyond the limits of most herbal curricula, integrating ecological stewardship as well as ethical considerations that go beyond wildcrafting. 
For local students, there will opportunities to take part in in-person apprenticeship days (these are optional, and not included in the price of the program - barter and sliding scale will be available). 

"The job of the true physician is not to push an ideology, but to meet the sick person on his or her ground, without judgement, then to reach for a healing solution, where that solution may lead, and finally to get out of the way and let nature cure."

-Matthew Wood


Foundations 2020-2021

November 10th, 2020 - April 13th, 2021

Tuesdays, Biweekly 5-9 PM


Sliding Scale Tuition: ​

     Non-certificate Track: $500-800

     Certificate Track: $500-925

Plus receive 15% off all live webinars open to the public!

Calyx Liddick is an traditional naturopath, community clinical herbalist, nutritionist, botanist, and wildcrafter. 

Located in South Central Pennsylvania
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