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Nature Awareness

& Observation

      Join us for this introductory workshop on nature connection and observation for children. We will learn to actively engage all the senses and connect with nature through play. Observe and move as part of the forest through nature games such as Eagle Eye, Foxwalking, and others, as well as explore topics such as wild plants, wildlife track & sign, bird language, etc. 

     Children must be accompanied by an adult.


Upcoming Class:

“When truly present in nature, we do use all our senses at the same time, which is the optimum state of learning.”
― Richard Louv

Friday, October 2nd

12:30-3:00 PM

Kings Gap State Park

$20 (50% off for each additional sibling)

Ages 6-12


Pre-registration required. 

Payment may be made online (paypal link below) or in person (cash only). You may pay for multiple participants below, just enter the correct amount for the the number of registrants ($20 per participant, and $10 for each additional sibling registered).

Payment & Refund Policy


Please read our COVID-19 policy prior to attending.

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