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Recommended Booklist

Ecology, Wildtending, Ethnobotany, Indigenous Science, Social Justice, Decolonization: 

  • *Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

  • *The Earth’s Blanket by Nancy Turner

  • *Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do Is Ask: Anishinaabe Botanical Teachings by Mary Siisip Geniusz

  • *Our Knowledge is not Primitive by Wendy Djinn Geniusz

  • *1491 by Charles C. Mann

  • *Rambunctious Garden by Emma Marris 

  • Wild Souls by Emma Marris

  • *Tending the Wild by Kat Anderson

  • *The War on Invasive Species by Tao Orion

  • Native American Ethnobotany by Daniel E. Moerman

  • Lo-TEK by Julia Watson

  • *Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta

  • *Edible Medicines: An Ethnopharmacology of Food by Nina L. Etkin

  • *Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter by Ben Goldfarb

  • Eating the Landscape by Enrique Salmon

  • Inflamed by Rupa Marya

  • Farming While Black by Leah Penniman 

  • Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington

  • *An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

  • Land by Simon Winchester

  • Understanding Urban Ecosystems by Alan R. Berkowitz, Charles H. Nilon, & Karen S. Hollweg

  • Darwin Came to Town by Menno Schilthuizen

  • Defending the Master Race: Conservation, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant

Botany & Plant Sciences:

  • *Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide by Lawrence Newcomb

  • Northeast Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 111 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness by Liz Neves

  • Southeast Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 106 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness by Coreypine Shane

  • Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Trees: Eastern Region

  • The Forager’s Harvest by Samuel Thayer 

  • Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America by Steven Foster

  • Winter Botany by William Trelease OR Fruit Key & Twig Key to Trees & Shrubs by William M. Harlow

  • *Plant Identification Terminology: An Illustrated Glossary by James G. Harris (Author), Melinda Woolf Harris (Author)

  • *The Plants of Pennsylvania by Ann Fowler R. Hoads and Timothy A. Block

  • Bark: A Field Guide to Trees of the Northeast by Michael Wojtech

  • The Sibley Guide to Trees by David Allen Sibley

  • Fruit Key & Twig Key to Trees & Shrubs by William M. Harlow

  • Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians by William C. Roody

  • The Book of Swamp & Bog: Trees, Shrubs, and Wildflowers of Eastern Freshwater Wetlands by John Eastman

  • *The Book of Field and Roadside: Open-Country Weeds, Trees, and Wildflowers of Eastern North America by John Eastman

  • *The Book of Forest & Thicket: Trees, Shrubs, and Wildflowers of Eastern North America by John Eastman

  • Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast: A Field Guide by Peter Del Tredici

  • Eating on the Wild Side by  Jo Robinson

  • *Herbal Constituents by Lisa Ganora

  • *Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel

  • *Incredible Wild Edibles or Nature’s Garden by Samuel Thayer 

  • Plant Families: A Guide for Gardeners and Botanists by Ross Bayton and Simon Maughan 

  • Latin for Gardeners: Over 3,000 Plant Names Explained and Explored by Lorraine Harrison

Plant Spirit Medicine: 

  • Thus Spoke the Plant by Monica Gagliano

Medical Herbalism/Materia Medica:

  • *Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra

  • *Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier
    *Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth by Sharol Tilgner

  • *Foundational Herbcraft: Actions & Energetics in Western Herbalism by Jim McDonald (purchase here:

  • *The Modern Herbal Dispensatory: A Medicine-Making Guide by Thomas Easley & Steven Horne

  • Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles and Practices Of Herbal Medicine by David Hoffmann

  • The Earthwise Herbal Repertory: The Definitive Practitioner’s Guide by Matthew Wood

  • *The Earthwise Herbal, Volume I and Volume II by Matthew Wood

  • *The Botanical Safety Handbook by Zoey Gardner

  • Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health by Aviva Romm

  • Herbal Vade Mecum by Gazmend Skenderi

  • Evolutionary Herbalism by Sajah Popham

  • Western Herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Practitioner's Guide by Thomas Avery Garren

  • Energetic Herbalism by Kat Maier

  • Human Health & Physiology

  • Immune: A Journey into the Mysterious System that Keeps us Alive by Philipp Dettmer

  • The Concise Human Body Book: An Illustrated Guide to its Structure, Function, and Disorders by DK 


  • The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer by Jeff & Melanie Carpenter 

  • Farming the Woods by Ken Mudge & Steve Gabriel

  • Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway

  • Edible Forest Gardens by Dave Jacke & Eric Toensmeier

  • What Your Food Ate: How to Heal Our Land and Reclaim Our Health by David R. Montgomery

Animal Tracking & Behavior:

  • *Mammal Tracks and Sign - Elbrock and McFarland

  • Bird Tracks & Sign - Mark Elbrock

  • Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates - Charley Wiseman and Noah Charney

  • Field Guide to North American Bird Nests - Casey McFarland, Mathew Monjello & David Moskowitz

  • *Tracking and the Art of Seeing - Paul Rezendes

  • Animal Tracks of the Midwest - Jonathan Poppele

  • Mammals of North America - Peterson Field Guide - Fiona A. Reid

  • Behavior of North American Mammals - Mark Elbrock and Kurt Rinehart

  • Abbreviated Field Guide to Mammal Behavior New England Region - Kathy Dean

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