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Foundations of Bioregional Herbalism

Courses for aspiring community herbalists

     These introductory courses are designed for beginner and intermediate herbalists who are looking for a grounded, holistic foundation for herbalism as a lifeway. The programs are centered around kincentricity and reciprocity, meaning that throughout the program we will cultivate a relationship to place and approach herbalism as a lifeway. You'll receive in depth instruction on how to develop meaningful relationships with plants and expand your materia medica, and how to safely and effectively work with plants in your home and in your community. The bioregional program focuses heavily on land stewardship and the interrelation of the health of the land its inhabitants, as well as the many ethical, economical, and ecological issues that impact our work today. 




   We will trace the lineage of western herbalism all the way back to its origins and discuss crucial pieces of knowledge of herbalism practice. Discover lost ways of learning and how to obtain wisdom directly from the plants as well as the empirical science and research behind modern herbal knowledge. We will discuss the history and fundamental framework of the western herbalism lineage and honor the indigenous and other traditional medicine knowledge and lifeways that have contributed so much to that western lineage here on Turtle Island. No matter where your herbal studies take you, the Foundations of Herbalism program is designed to provide the tools to approach the land, the plants, and the people as medicine and continue learning and growing on the lifelong journey that is herbalism.


     Two tracks are offered: 

     The FOUNDATIONS OF BIOREGIONAL HERBALISM HYBDRID track is an in-depth hybrid program (online and in person) in South Central Pennsylvania with a larger focus on bioregionalism, botany, wildcrafting, medicine making, bioregional foodways, and embodied practice. This track provides a 300 hour Certificate of Bioregional Herbalism. The FOUNDATIONS OF BIOREGIONAL HERBALISM ONLINE track is an all online program with a 250 hour certificate. This program is similar to the hybrid track but slightly abbreviated, with less focus on field botany and bioregional plants specific to the Mid-atlantic.

      Graduates of the program may continue their studies of Herbal Therapeutics, Anatomy, Physiology, & Materia Medica through the HERBAL THERAPEUTICS course.

Register with the Herbal Therapeutics program and save $150 on HT tuition

Early Bird discount 10% 

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Sliding Scale & BIPOC Scholarship available (donate to our scholarship fund here)

During the interview process we will discuss financial accessibility and resources available.

Auditing option available once the class reaches its minimum number of sign ups.

Registration full. Apply the waitlist below.


"Action on behalf of life transforms. Because the relationship between self and the world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting. As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us."

-Robin Wall Kimmerer

What sets us apart

     Northern Appalachia School is committed to providing education that is based on ecological and community reciprocity. We take a personal interest in each one of our students and their learning outcomes. 
Foundations of Herbalism offers a blend of lecture, home study materials, and regular assignments with instructor feedback and group discussion. This guided mentorship-style learning provides an immersive experience. 

     The program is designed to help students deepen their knowledge of plants and healing, learn fundamental skills for entering the professional herbal community. We will expand beyond the limits of most herbal curricula, integrating de-colonialism and a strong sense of place-based practice. 

Core Theory and Skills:

  • Vitalism

  • Herbal Actions, Energetics, & Tissue States 

  • Formulation

  • Herbal Safety

  • Research Techniques

  • Basic Biochemistry & Phytoconstituents

  • Plant Relationships

  • Organoleptics

  • Medicine Making

  • Apothecary Management

  • Kitchen Herbalism

  • Awareness Skills

  • Plant Spirit Medicine

  • Kincentric Ecology

  • Ethnobotany

  • Decolonization

  • Bioregionalism

  • Wild Edibles

  • History of Western Herbalism

  • Cultivation & Wildtending

  • Fire Ecology & Sucession

  • Field Botany & Plant ID

The Foundations of Herbalism course provided a very high quality knowledge base that was a wonderful start to my work with herbalism. The material is comprehensive and weaves together cultural, historical, and scientific perspectives in a clear way. I was really looking for a program that honored Indigenous perspectives in plant knowledge and Calyx helped facilitate a truly safe and honoring space! I found that the online program was adaptable for my bioregion, which is quite distant from Northern Appalachia. Gunalcheesh! (Thank you in Lingit)

Ali Marvin (Alaska)

Choose Your Track

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Foundations of BIOREGIONAL




Foundations of BIOREGIONAL



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For more info, please download the syllabus or contact us with questions 

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Calyx Liddick - Core

Jaybird Tignor - Field Botany, Ecology

Lyrra Magda - Bioregional Foodways

Jonathan Darby - Cultivation

     "This program was intense!!! The work was deep and powerful and I learned SO much! Even more powerful than the botany and Vitalist actions and tissue energetics and phytoconstituents was the transformational knowledge around colonization, ecological stewardship and seeing the world through a more balanced lens of what it means to be human. 
     Calyx is an inspiring, wise, kind teacher and a powerfully brilliant herbalist. I am looking forward to taking more of her programs, and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to center the health of the planet while also growing as a human and plant advocate." 

Erin Shrader, The Rebel Herbalist (Pennsylvania)

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