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Coyote Youth

Coyote Mentoring is based on Jon Young and his teacher Tom Brown Jr’s philosophy on how to increase awareness, empathy, and connection to nature. There are several “Core Routines” or learning habits including Sit Spot, Story of the Day, Expanding the Senses, Questioning and Tracking, Animal Forms, Wandering, Mapping, Exploring Field Guides, Journaling, Mind’s Eye Imagining, Listening for Bird Language, and Thanksgiving.


In these classes we will focus on building skills such as empathy, intrinsic movement, risk assessment, resilience, patience, confidence, nature literacy, and more through play-based learning centered around topics such as Ecology, Tracking & Wildlife Sign, Plant ID, Movement, etc.


     Children must be accompanied by an adult.


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Wildlife Track & Sign

 Discover the the bustling life of the forest as we observe wildlife track and sign and learn to interpret their stories. Children will see the forest in a whole new way as we explore tracks and footprints, feeding signs, scat, animal homes, and other specific signs of wildlife behavior. 

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Explore the bounty of the world of plants with your children. With a focus on plant relationships, kids will learn safe and ethical foraging, uses of plants, history and lore, and more through story, interaction, and play.


Nature Awareness

Children will learn to actively engage all the senses and connect with nature through play. Observe and move as part of the forest through nature games such as Eagle Eye, Foxwalking, and others, as well as explore various topics such as wild plants, wildlife track & sign, bird language, navigation, etc. 

“Tracking animals is fascinating. It's a window into wildlife. It captures imagination and empathy, and demands whole-brain intelligence and concentration. Getting down on all fours and staring at footprints of animals offers a particular abundance of opportunity for imprinting search images. Lie reading, studying the sign and following the trails of animals, develops powers of pattern recognition that stay with you the rest of your life."
― Jon Young

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