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Foraging 101

    Foraging 101 is a 6 hour private class designed to teach beginner foragers the basic skills to positively identify plants. You will learn a basic framework from which to work to keep yourself safe while foraging and how to approach harvest ethically and sustainably. We teach foraging as an act of reciprocity as opposed to consumption.

     Contents of the class will be tailored to meet your groups needs, specific interests, experience level, size, and location, but generally will include: 


  • Plant ID: How to ID in the field using a field guide, confirming your findings, and learning multiple ways of gathering information

  • Harvest: Optimal harvest times, tools of the trade

  • Ethics & Sustainability: Harvesting as an act of reciprocity & stewardship

  • Toxicology & Phytoconstituents: How plants interact with the chemistry of our own bodies

  • Uses: How to utilize your harvest for foods, medicine, and more



Calyx Liddick

Jaybird Tignor

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