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The Keystone Mentorship

   The Keystone Mentorship is a program to bring students closer to nature and to work on self-healing. It is structured around developing relationships with plants and with place. The program will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of each mentee. The Keystone program is unique in that it acknowledges the diversity of students in their stages of learning, learning types, and interests. 

     The mentorship will be partially a one-on-one experience and at times as a group session with other mentees. The focus of this program is primarily on reconnecting with the land through honing skills in a hands-on environment. Content may include botany & plant identification, foraging & wildcrafting, wildtending principles, guided plant journeying, phenology, bioregional & community herbalism, herbal medicine making, vitalist practices, nutrition & wild foods, regenerative agricultural plots, tracking, bird language, primitive crafting, and earth skills.

     This program will benefit anyone from herbalists, aspiring ecological stewards, to those who simply wish to develop a better understanding of their local ecosystem and gain a deeper connection to nature. There will be a focus on traditional Nature Cure techniques, which can benefit those who are both wishing to become healers and those journeying to a state of higher wellbeing themselves.

      Program to open in Summer 2020.

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